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Posted on February 24, 2015 by

Argument Results in Fatal Car Crash in St. Louis

Most car accidents are caused because of a driver who made a poor decision. It’s very rare for crashes to occur because of something that occurred inside a car, but that is exactly what happened on I-55 recently.

According to the article on, five people were traveling along I-55 in St. Louis when an argument broke out inside the car between the driver and her boyfriend, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. During the disagreement, the woman threatened to crash the car. Moments later, she did exactly that.

One of the passengers in the vehicle was a sixty-year-old man, and authorities reported that he died at the scene of the car accident. The other occupants of the car were taken to a local hospital and treated for their injuries.

This was a tragic situation that could have been avoided. It is very clear that the driver of the car allowed her emotions to get the better of her while she was driving, which ultimately resulted in the crash.

Accidents occur for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes those accidents are the fault of the driver of the vehicle you’re in. As your St. Louis car accident attorney, these types of crashes deserve compensation. If you or someone you care about is ever in a situation or an accident like this one, please contact an attorney to discuss your case right away.