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Posted on September 24, 2019 by

What to Know and Do After a Bicycle/Car Accident

With everyone becoming more conscious of the environment, a lot of people are choosing to ride bicycles rather than driving their cars. But the reality is that while it does make a difference, cyclists are certainly not making themselves safer. In fact, there are a lot of bicycle accidents in Missouri. But strangely enough, there aren't that many bicycle accident lawsuits being filed. 

We believe that the reason for this is that people just don't know that they can file a lawsuit. But we want them - and you – to know what the law says. If you have been a victim in a bicycle accident, you have rights. 

What You Should Know About Bicycle Accidents

When it comes to bicycle accidents, people operating motor vehicles owe them a duty of care; even more so when the cyclist is a child. While cyclists also have a duty of care, it is significantly decreased. 

In the case of personal injury lawsuits, the victim must show that there was negligence, and that negligence caused the accident. The same is true for bicycle accidents. Once that is proven, the cyclist can be compensated for their injuries. 

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If you're the victim of a bicycle accident, talking with a St. Louis bicycle injury attorney can make such a difference. We'll help you file your case and fight hard so you get compensated.