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Posted on September 19, 2017 by

Car Injures Bike Rider in Local Accident

St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman know too well the dangers that cyclists encounter on area roadways. And yet another rider has fallen victim.

25-year-old Fenton Cyclist Angelina N. Drago Injured by Careless Driver
Drago, 25, was riding her bicycle south on Main Drive at Valley Lane in High Ridge at 9:15 p.m. when 56-year-old Connie L. Stubits of High Ridge pulled into the path of her bike, according to Missouri State Highway Patrol reports. Stubits was driving her 2014 Chevrolet Sonic north on Main Drive. When attempting to turn left onto Valley Drive, she cut-off Drago, who struck the front of her car.

No injuries were reported for Stubits, who was wearing a seatbelt. However Drago, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered serious injury, and was transported by ambulance to St. Anthony’s Medical Center in south St. Louis County, where she was treated and released.

How Can Cyclists Stay Safe While Sharing the Roadway?

• Know traffic laws and cycling rules to foster a harmonious relationship.

• Use lights, and wear bright, reflective clothing to stand out from surroundings.

• Make eye-contact with drivers often.

• Ride to the right, or with traffic flow, avoiding curb proximity (you could be thrown into traffic).

• Do not ride on sidewalks or towards oncoming traffic.

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