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Posted on October 12, 2017 by

Be Careful: Older Teens Become Over Confident Behind the Wheel

Every parent cringes when their teenage son or daughter gets a driver’s license. You caution them about going too fast and obeying the rules of the road. However, studies have shown that it’s not the new drivers parents should be worried about. Older teen drivers have inflated levels of confidence, which can actually make them more dangerous.

Teen Driver Statistics

High school seniors tend to be the most at risk behind the wheel. 75% of them feel very confident in their driving abilities; probably too confident. Also, 71% of all high school seniors will use their cell phones while driving. Distracted driving is reckless, and it’s caused so many more accidents in recent years.

Having a few years of driving experience doesn’t make one a safe driver and other drivers need to be aware of this mentality along the roadways of St. Louis.

Other Dangerous Teen Driving Behaviors

Distracted driving is only one problem older teens encounter on the road. Others include:

• Having too many passengers in the car

• Driving too fast

• Driving while drowsy

• Changing their music

As your St. Louis auto accident attorney, we want to caution you about these types of dangers on the road. Parents need to talk with their teens about risky driving behavior. It’s the best way to prevent accidents.

If you are in an accident with a teen driver, contact a St. Louis auto accident attorney right away.