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Posted on April 25, 2019 by

Cell Phone Related Car Accidents Are on the Increase in Missouri

Using a cell phone while you're driving is very dangerous. There are laws in Missouri against it, but as of now, they only apply to people who are under the age of 21. The reality is that distracted driving causes more accidents than most people realize; regardless of age. 

Distracted Driving Accident Statistics in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Transportation states that cell phone usage has become one of the fastest growing causes of fatal car accidents in the state. Since 2014, the number of crashes has increased by 35%. That's a staggering amount that has resulted in the loss of far too many lives. 

Why do People Text and Drive? 

Most people overestimate their ability to use their cell phones and safely operate a motor vehicle simultaneously. They tend to think of distracted driving as something that only applies to other people, but not to them. While it only takes three or four seconds to look at a cell phone and read or respond to a text, that is all it takes for a disaster to occur as well. 

Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys want to remind you to be safe while you're operating a car. If you need to send or read a text, pull over to stay out of harm's way and keep others safe. 

Please contact St. Louis personal injury attorneys if you're in an accident because of distracted driving.