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Posted on November 4, 2014 by

Charges Filed against Sunset Hills Mayor for Cyclist Crash

No matter how you feel about sharing the road, you probably wouldn’t intentionally cause a bicycle accident using your motor vehicle.

That’s what Sunset Hills, Mo. mayor Mark Furrer allegedly did this past July, and multiple charges have been filed.

On July 29, Sunset Hills mayor Mark Furrer had a dangerous encounter on Old Gravois Road near I-270 with cyclist Randy Murdick of Fenton. According to Murdick, the mayor cursed and told him to “get off my roads.” Furrer then struck Fenton’s bicycle with his Mercedes-Benz convertible.

The cyclist has reported a torn Achilles tendon and bruises, in addition to serious damage to his $12,000 bicycle.

911 audio from the incident includes a witness shouting at Furrer to return, believing that the mayor was attempting to flee the scene.

Injuries sustained in the accident caused Murdick, an electrician, to miss more than weeks of work.

The attorney for Murdick has also been collaborating with St. Louis officials to draft city ordinances regarding motorist and cyclist safety.

Mayor Furrer faces assault and property damage charges, while Furrer may need to bring suit to recover personal injury expenses. If convicted, Furrer must vacate his mayoral office.

Motorists and cyclists may always butt heads, but intentionally endangering a fellow person on the road is another matter. Always call your St. Louis personal injury attorney to help sort things out and recover the expenses you’re due.