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Posted on August 18, 2015 by

Four Children Die in Fire

The death of a child is hard on everyone- the parents, family, friends and community. It’s hard to know how to deal with the death and then how to move on from that. When you are mourning four children, the grief can be exponentially.

The St. Louis Post- Dispatch reported about a fire late Tuesday in Osage Beach that killed four children. The children, ages 2, 2, 4 and 5, were believed to have been related. The adult male who was with them in the condo was able to get out and tried to go back for the children, but could not because of the heat and flames. Firefighters rescued two adults from the third floor and found the children on the fourth floor, unconscious. They brought them out through windows and down a ladder where they were rushed to a hospital, but it was too late.

Though the cause or origin are undetermined, the investigators are labeling the fire as suspicious because of the deaths. They have no evidence it is or is not a crime yet. Though the condos have smoke detectors, it is not known if those on the fourth floor, where the children were, were working.

Death is hard and occurs for a lot of reasons. But, some times it’s an accident, and some times it’s not.

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