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Posted on June 25, 2019 by

What to Know About Conditions in an Outdoor Slip and Fall Accident that Impact Your Lawsuit

When most people think of slip and fall accidents, they think of them occurring indoors. But many of them happen outside as well. In fact, there are a host of conditions that can easily lead to slips and falls, and when they happen, the victims have the right to bring a lawsuit against the owner of the property. 

Dangerous Outdoor Conditions Leading to Slips and Falls

The owner of the property may be held responsible for a slip and fall when: 

• There is an excessive or unnatural accumulation of ice and/or snow.

• There is poor lighting outside. 

• The parking lot has holes or cracks.

• Damaged sidewalks on the property.

It can be very easy for property owners to neglect the conditions outside their building. Unfortunately, that tends to lead to accidents and potential victims. But it's important for every victim to know that they have rights, and they can file a claim if the owner was liable for the conditions that caused the slip and fall. 

Contacting St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys 

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we know the pain and suffering that comes with slips and falls. Filing a claim not only protects you, but it could protect others from getting injured in the future. 

No one should take on a slip and fall case without the help of a qualified attorney. Contact us for assistance.