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Posted on January 14, 2020 by

Construction Zone Accident Injuries – What to Know and Do

Construction zones are common areas for car accidents. In fact, close to 68,000 accidents happened in construction zones in 2013, and that number is sure to have either remained the same or increased. There are a lot of reasons why construction areas present a higher risk for crashes. For example:
• People may be driving distracted.
• Drivers often speed through these areas.
• People may crash while merging.
But if you’ve never been in this type of accident, you may not know what to do, and that’s what we’d like to help you understand.
Steps to Take After a Construction Zone Accident in Missouri
Taking the following steps is critical if you’ve been injured in a car accident in a construction area:
1. Make sure to file a report to the police, and keep it as detailed as possible.
2. Never admit fault to anyone.
3. Gather evidence, including witness contact information and testimonies as well as pictures of the scene and damage.
4. Get immediate medical attention, even if you don’t think you have serious injuries.
Talk With St. Louis Construction Zone Injury Attorneys
You deserve to have St. Louis construction zone injury attorneys fighting for proper compensation on your behalf. If you have been injured in a car accident in a construction area, please do not take this challenge on by yourself. We are here to help you by providing expert legal advice.