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Posted on May 28, 2020 by

Coronovirus Impacts in the Workplace – Hospital Workers and Work Comp Claims

According to Government Technology there have been a high number of hospital workers who have come down with COVID-19. The problem that has arisen is that hospital officials have denied these workers proper compensation by claiming there is no direct evidence that the workers actually contracted it while on the job.

From the administrators’ perspective, their disagreement isn’t over medical expenses and lost wages – those don’t result in massive hits to their hospitals. Administrators, instead, seem to be more concerned about the possibility of losing too many workers at any given time.

The article, follow the link in the first paragraph, specifically addresses these issues in California. However, the concerns are universal. Healthcare workers in Italy were struck down faster than they could be replaced.

Ultimately, where someone contracts COVID-19 is difficult to identify, and hospitals are using that to their advantage. Healthcare workers have limited avenues to sue for compensation, so instead they must submit a claim through their union and in Missouri through Worker’s Compensation and hope for the best.

If workers are being targeted by their administration for speaking out and demanding better care and compensation, then it may be time for attorneys to get involved. Contact your St. Louis COVID-19 attorneys to make sure you aren’t pressured into a dangerous situation. Your St. Louis COVID-19 attorneys can help ensure you’re protected.