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Posted on October 1, 2015 by

Cucumbers Recalled Because of Salmonella

In our society today, there is a growing trend toward healthy eating. Vegetables have become the norm in many households, with keywords like fresh, organic and natural. When you buy your fresh vegetables, you may not even think about them making you sick. This is what has happened with fresh cucumbers affecting over four hundred people in Missouri and Illinois.

CBS St. Louis reported that cucumbers known slicer or American cucumbers, grown in Baja, Mexico, are being recalled because that have been contaminated with salmonella. These cucumbers were sold in grocery stores and served in restaurants. Eight cases in Missouri and six in Illinois have been found to be affected by the disease. The cucumbers are dark green and sold in cartons that are black, green, red or brown.

Dr. Laura Gieraltowski of the CDC hopes the recall, issued 11 days ago, has worked, though, some people may still have them in their refrigerators. She said the shelf life of the cucumber is ending at this point, so people are probably throwing them out, anyway. She says that if you don’t know where your cucumbers come from, stick to the phrase, “When in doubt, throw it out,”

More than a dozen residents in Missouri and Illinois have been affected by the disease.

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