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Posted on October 24, 2013 by

One Dead After SUV Accident At St. Louis Gas Station

For most of us, gassing up our vehicles is a rather routine task. No driver worries that something might happen to their vehicle while they’re getting their weekly fill-up. However, when an SUV landed on top of a parked car at a local gas station this weekend, it became clear that it wasn’t just another fill-up.

Authorities stated that the SUV was speeding down the road on the north side of St. Louis. There were four passengers in the vehicle when it struck a fire hydrant and then landed on top of a parked car. One of the SUV’s passengers was thrown from the vehicle, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other three passengers are reported to be stable.

Accidents can happen at any time. Authorities are still investigating this particular accident, and it’s still not known whether or not alcohol played a factor. Even so, the accident caused significant damage, as well as death. If you have ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you understand the value of contacting your St. Louis personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

In addition to property damages, these types of accidents often cause a great deal of pain and suffering. A qualified St. Louis personal injury attorney can provide you with the legal advice you need after such a tragic accident.