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Posted on May 1, 2012 by

Denial of Workmen’s Compensation Claim May have Violated The RICO Statute

A Michigan employer is being sued by five employees that were denied worker’s compensation. The sixth court of appeals in the state has reversed an earlier dismissal of claims. The court believes that the RICO statute was meant to be broadly interpreted and that the denial of claim for compensation in this case was enough to be called an independent property interest.

The basis of this case was that the five workers claimed they were injured and were sent to physicians that wrongfully denied their claims. The employees sued the employer, his third party administrator and the physicians involved. The case will be groundbreaking if the RICO statute use precedent is set.

In Missouri if you have been denied a legitimate workers’ compensation claim a consultation with an experienced Missouri workplace injury attorney is necessary. Injuries that require long rehabilitation and leave the family wage earner unable to return to work must by law be compensated for. Even if an accident was not the fault of the employer but caused by a faulty piece of equipment a St. Louis personal injury attorney needs to be contacted. The experienced Missouri personal injury attorneys at Hoffman and Gelfman can explain your rights involving any injury at work and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.