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Posted on March 14, 2012 by

Distracted Driver Accident Victims Look to State Legislatures for Relief

There is an alarming trend of an increased number of car and truck accidents caused by distracted drivers not only in the St. Louis area, but nationwide. In fact police now say that distracted driving is a contributing factor in as much as 25% of all reported accidents. Many car accident and truck accident victims do contact a lawyer to sue for damages as well as financial compensation for injuries received in a crash, but now some are also turning to legislators.

In early March one Oklahoma senator introduced legislation that would have made it illegal for teenage drivers to use any hand-held electronic device while driving. In another situation closer to home, the Missouri General Assembly was asked to adopt a bill that would make texting behind the wheel illegal.

The Digital Journal in a recent article states, “The Missouri legislature currently has at least seven distracted driving bills before it. Most bills seek to ban text messaging by all drivers. That would amend an existing law that bans texting by drivers younger than 21 years old. A general distracted driving bill also has been filed.”

Distracted driving is not just a problem with teenagers, but adults and commercial truck drivers have been involved in accidents where distractions were the mitigating cause. If you need help getting financial compensation after you have been in a car or truck accident where a distracted driver was involved, please contact us to understand your rights.