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Posted on March 17, 2016 by

Distracted Driving Leads to Fatal Hit and Run in the St. Louis Area

Distracted driving has become a serious problem all across the country, and it doesn’t seem to matter what laws are put into place; people do it anyway.

According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently, one man is dead because of a hit and run accident that occurred because the driver was texting while he was driving.

The article states that the twenty-five-year-old victim was walking along a stretch of road when he was hit by a 2004 Dodge Dakota pick up truck. Surveillance footage from the area was checked, and the truck was found to belong to a twenty-four-year-old man from the Madison area. Further scrutiny of the video showed that he had been texting while driving.

The accident happened almost a year ago, and sentencing will be completed after all reports are reviewed. The driver is currently in county jail.

Pedestrian accidents are so common in the St. Louis area because pedestrians are so vulnerable, but also because drivers keep breaking important distracted driving laws.

As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we are very familiar with the laws in our state, and we will always work hard to get you compensated if you’re a pedestrian who is injured in an accident.

You have rights that should be protected. If you need help, contact your St. Louis personal injury attorneys to get more information about how you can file your case.