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Posted on August 21, 2018 by

Can a Doctor’s Misdiagnosis Be Considered Malpractice?

Medical malpractice cases are fairly common in St. Louis, but many of them never get reported. That means people don’t always get the compensation they deserve when they have been injured as a result. What they often don’t realize is that a misdiagnosis can be a form of malpractice. Anyone who is the victim of a doctor’s wrong diagnosis should take the proper legal steps.

The Potential Consequences of a Delayed Diagnosis

For many people, a diagnosis delay could mean the difference between life and death. They won’t be able to get the treatment they need, which means undue suffering for the patient. If your doctor has not diagnosed you, this is a problem, and it’s one you should discuss with a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney.

What Happens in Cases of Misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosis cases are a bit trickier because of the issue of diagnostic errors. Doctors often cannot be held responsible for them. If you have been misdiagnosed, the burden of proof is on you to show that:

– You have had a medical relationship with the doctor.

– The doctor’s treatment was negligent in some way.

– The negligence was what led to your injury.

These types of cases are hard to prove, but it’s best to have a qualified St. Louis medical malpractice attorney on your side. That will give you the best chance of winning and receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries.