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Posted on June 8, 2017 by

Dog Bite Claims Increase, with Children the Most Frequent Victims

According to insurance giant State Farm and data from the Insurance Information Institute, dog bite claims are rapidly rising, climbing 18% in 2016 to reach over $121 million in claims. Children account for more than half of dog bite victims, including the massive total of 18,123 victims from last year alone. The St. Louis dog bite attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman want to make you aware of this alarming trend.

More Bite than Bark
In addition to the large number of child victims, postal worker attacks have also increased – by 200 incidents last year alone. And bite-repercussions aren’t small potatoes, averaging $33,230 per insurance claim resulting from not only increased medical costs, but larger settlements for victims. This has prompted State Farm to team up with the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Foundation) in the promotion of National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

How Can You (and Your Family) Avoid Being Bitten by these Statistics?

Educate Your Kids
On non-threatening, pet-friendly behavior, including how to approach a dog, gaining permission for petting, and not running toward (or away) from strange animals. Stress the difference between family pets and the animals of others.

Properly Socialize Pets
Teaching them appropriate behaviors while young, and spaying or neutering to reduce aggressive tendencies.

Have you or a family member suffered a dog bite? The St. Louis dog bite attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman are on your side. Contact us today.