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Posted on June 5, 2018 by

What to Know About Dog and Cat Bite Liability Lawsuits

If you have been watching the news, you’ve probably noticed an increasing number of dog bite reports in St. Louis. It’s difficult to say why they’re increasing, but if you’ve been a victim, this is probably a topic that interests you. There have been some drastic changes in animal liability laws over the last few years.

The Number of Dog Bite Claims and Payouts Has Increased

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of dog bite claims in the last ten years. In 2006, there were about 14,500 claims and by 2016, there were more than 18,000. The damages have been much more severe as well, and claims were $11,000 more on average.

Dangerous Cats are Now Included

Cats can also be dangerous, and this has caused a lot of states to improve their regulations for cat owners. Shelters are required to sterilize cats prior to adoption, and are given the authority to euthanize them for many different reasons.

Bites From Wild Animals can be Compensated

Now more than ever, people are keeping wild animals as pets. These range from snakes to wild birds. Pet owners are just as liable for injuries caused by them.

As your St. Louis dog bite attorney, we want you to know we’re here for you if you are injured by an animal bite. Don’t hesitate about contacting a St. Louis dog bite attorney as soon as possible.