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Posted on September 6, 2018 by

Will the Duck Boat Accident Families Get Compensation?

A law that predates the Civil War should be reexamined. This is especially true when that law is severely impacting people today, and many consider it to be unjust. It’s because of this law that the families of duck boat accident victims cannot be compensated for their losses, and it’s nothing short of wrong.

The Shipowners Limitation of Liability Act

This law dates back to 1851, and it states that there are limits on the losses of shipowners after accidents or disasters. It was written for the purpose of developing a merchant marine. In short, owners are not held liable for the loss of anything other than the ship itself and its freight. This is the law that protected the owners of the Titanic from lawsuits after it sank.

What Could This Mean for Duck Boat Accident Victims and Their Families?

Seventeen people died after the sinking of a duck boat on Table Rock Lake earlier this summer. There have been over forty people who lost their lives as a result of accidents like this. There are some who believe that the owners of the duck boat may seek protection under this law.

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