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Posted on February 17, 2015 by

Family Reaches $260,000 Settlement with Lincoln County Jail

The same county jail that allowed an inmate to fatally overdose on medications in 2008 has recently reached a settlement in another inmate fatality. The family of the late Terry Marler agreed to a $260,000 settlement with the Lincoln County Jail, the city of Troy, and one Troy police officer.

Before his arrest, Marler was on serious medications and had been known to make suicidal threats. His wife called police when he entered a rage in August of 2011. By the time police arrested Marler, he had hit, choked, and cut his wife with a knife.

Shortly after his arrest, Mrs. Marler told authorities about her husband’s suicidal tendencies and medications.

The police officer took Marler’s medications from his wife but did not convey any information about suicidal threats to jail authorities.

Lincoln County Jail guards and other inmates allegedly heard Marler make credible threats of suicide.

Soon after threatening to take his own life, Marler did so by hanging himself with clothing. This was yet another case of government negligence, failing to respond to threats of violence and self-harm.

Such a tragic outcome could happen in a hospital, nursing home, or anywhere that troubled people are left under the supervision of others. If a loved one ever gets put in harm’s way by people employed to look after them, talk to your St. Louis injury attorney about seeking damages for negligence.