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Posted on January 29, 2015 by

Fatality Caused by a Truck Accident May Be Grounds for a Lawsuit

Statistics show that most fatal car accidents involve other cars, and not trucks. However, that doesn’t mean that trucking accident fatalities do not occur. Roughly one percent of all trucking accidents result in a fatality, which is about double the percentage of fatalities in car crashes. Even the most learned professional driver can make a costly mistake that can result in serious injury or even death for someone driving in a car, and this type of accident might be grounds for a lawsuit.

Professional truckers have to follow special laws from the Department of Transportation when they’re on the road. These laws are designed to protect them as well as other drivers on the road. For example, they are not permitted to drive for more than fourteen hours at a stretch. The DOT does permit them to drive for sixteen hours one day a week in an emergency situation only. Truck drivers who do not adhere to this rule can become fatigued while they’re driving, and that’s very dangerous.

Professional drivers should be held to a higher standard than other drivers. Perhaps you’ve been in a truck accident recently, or you know someone who has been killed or injured by a careless truck driver. Please contact a St. Louis truck accident attorney right away. Filing a lawsuit is the only way to get the compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical bills and lost property.