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Posted on April 2, 2013 by

Fire Chief Injured when Fire Truck Overturns

Firefighter Standing Next to Fire Engine
A Fire Chief was injured in a recent vehicular accident.

The Potosi Fire Chief was injured when the tanker truck he was driving to a fire overturned on March 24 2013.  According to the news report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Richard Knight was seriously injured when he was partially ejected from the vehicle.

It appears that he overcorrected a move the tanker made to the right side of the road and that sent him careening over to the left side where it overturned. Luckily no one else was injured by the out of control vehicle.

The fact no one else was injured may be a blessing but the chief is hurt and this type of injury on the job is all too common – many workers are injured in auto and truck accidents. Sometimes it is the employees’ own carelessness and other times the vehicles are not properly maintained. In any instance however the injured worker is due workmen’s compensation payments for their injuries and lost time.

Some employers may fight the award of benefits but any person denied workmen’s compensation by their employer or insurance carrier should seek legal counsel. If you have had any roadblocks placed in front of your collecting workmen’s compensation benefits you must retain the St. Louis Workmen’s compensation attorneys at Hoffman & Gelfman. Visit our website today to set up an appointment with one of our attorneys for a thorough explanation of your rights as an injured worker.