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Posted on November 3, 2016 by

Four-Year-Old Girl Dies After Dog Attack

Dog bites should always be taken seriously, and it must be stated that dogs can attack at any given moment without being provoked. This was certainly the case when a four-year-old girl recently died after being mauled by a dog in her own home.

According to the article by an NBC affiliate website, the family had just gotten the dog, which was a large Doberman mix. The mother of the little girl tried to stop the attack, and suffered some bites of her own, but they were minor. She stated that the girl was trying to offer the dog a treat when he attacked her.

The man who was the previous owner of the dog was alerted shortly after he left the house, and he drove back to assist in performing CPR. Unfortunately, his efforts were not successful and she passed away from the bites.

This story is tragic in that it was preventable. Although some dog attacks are reported, many are not. Likewise, people don’t realize that they have the right to file a case against the guilty party in the attack. In this case, the previous owner of the dog should have reported that the dog might attack.

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