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Posted on September 17, 2013 by

Freak St. Louis Accident Kills Lawn Service Employee

In a freak accident last week, a lawn service employee was killed while mowing the lawn of Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Charles County, Missouri. The workplace accident occurred when a hydroplaning car skidded off Highway 94, flipping over several times before it struck and killed the lawn service worker. A 5-year employee of the lawn service, the man was the sole provider of his family.

The driver of the car was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. She told police she lost control of her car while navigating a curve in the rain. The church pastor called the curve  “dangerous,” noting that accidents occur there frequently, particularly when the pavement is wet.

This curve on Highway 94 has been a source of concern. In 2004 two brothers died when their car skidded into a pickup truck on the rain-slicked roadway. In an attempt to reduce accidents, the roadway was repaved and the shoulders widened; however, this stretch of highway is still the site of several automobile accidents a year, according to the pastor.

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