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Posted on July 23, 2019 by

Do You Have a Good Offer to Settle? Important Considerations

Let's say you've filed a personal injury lawsuit against another person or business. There are basically two different types of outcomes that you can expect. Your case will either settle out of court, or it will go to trial. More often than not, personal injury cases do end up settling. But how do you know when to accept their offer? 

Recognizing a Good Settlement Offer

All too often, either the plaintiff ends up really happy with the outcome of the case and the defendant is really upset, or vice versa. Some of the best law experts state that when both parties are unhappy, the settlement was a fair one. 

You may not get the amount you ask for, but the plaintiff should have to pay an amount that they are not satisfied with either. That is how you know you got a good offer. But getting a good offer generally means relying on help from a professional.

Can St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys Help With Fair Compensation?

Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys believe that your settlement should cover the following, if applicable: 

• Pain and suffering

• Medical bills

• Emotional distress

• Lost wages

We make it a point to fight hard so that our clients get every penny they deserve for their personal injury cases. 

You should never have to represent yourself if you've been injured in an accident. Contact us to get immediate assistance.