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Posted on August 6, 2015 by

Hit and Run Victim Recovering- and Thankful

When you’re walking on the side of the road, you have an expectation those who approach you in their vehicles will drive in a manner that will keep you safe while allowing both of you to continue to where you’re going. When one of those drivers is not paying attention or intentionally hits a pedestrian, the results can be very severe or deadly.

Jeremie Wittu, a 24-year-old from Arnold, is thankful his situation was not as bad as it could have been. On Saturday night, Jeremie was walking with a friend on Elm Drive in Arnold when a truck hit him with the passenger mirror, knocking him over a guardrail into the creek below. On the way down, Jeremie hit his head on the concrete behind the guardrail on the way down. His friend was able to promptly call 911 to take him to the hospital to get treatment.

The driver of the truck is unknown because he fled the scene. Jeremie got stitches on his head, but his focus now is trying to find the man who hit him. He knows the truck was black with a camper shell and was either Ford or GMC. The surveillance footage from the area is dark, but Jeremie’s family have received some good tips.

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