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Posted on December 5, 2017 by

Eight Hour Bath Leads to a Fatality and Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

Everyone knows that accidents happen. However, there are many cases where they can be avoided. In one instance in which an 88-year-old woman died in a nursing home in Missouri, this accident should have been avoided.

Nursing Home Neglect Near St. Louis

A son is suing his late mother’s nursing home in St. Louis because she died after being left in a bathtub for eight hours. The patient suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and the situation is said to be a prime example of nursing home neglect. The lawsuit was filed earlier this year, and had the nursing home not been understaffed, it most likely could have been avoided altogether.

The Nursing Home Pays the Price

Following this incident, inspectors concluded that the residents of St. Sophia Health and Rehabilitation Center were in immediate jeopardy. The 240-bed nursing facility was regularly understaffed, and it was alleged that residents were often not being taken care of properly. They were required to file a plan of correction, and fined almost $40,000.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it’s best to be vigilant. You want to be sure your family member is being taken care of. If they’re not, your Missouri nursing home neglect lawyer can help you.

Nothing is as important as the safety of a loved one in one of these facilities. Contact a Missouri nursing home neglect lawyer if you need help.