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Posted on November 19, 2015 by

I-55 Car Chase Ends in Terrible Wreck

Most of us think watching car chases on TV can be interesting and exciting. We watch in awe, sometimes in nervous worry about what the outcome will be. But, when we see one in person, we don’t always know how to respond, especially when the chase results in a crash.

KMOV St. Louis reported that on October 28, a car chase on I-55 resulted in a crash. The crash happened around 3:00 pm under the Sidney overpass near the Arsenal exit. St. Louis police said the crash was connected with a chase that involved St. Ann police. The chase started when Gregory Newlon, 26, was witnessed taking part in a drug deal. The police tried to pull him over, but he fled. Police saw Newlon throw firearms out the window of his vehicle while chasing him. The end resulted in a crash involving a dump truck.

From the crash, four people were taken to the hospital with injuries. Two of the injured were in serious condition and two were in critical condition. The truck driver sustained injuries to his leg and is in stable condition. Newlon if facing fourteen felony charges.

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