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Posted on July 26, 2012 by

Illinois Man Given a Fourteen Year Sentence for Sixth DUI

Jeffrey Allen, a central Illinois man, has been convicted and sentenced for his sixth DUI.  He could spend up to 14 years in jail as a result of this latest conviction. His blood alcohol limit was over .19 – more than twice the legal limit in Illinois. Allen was involved in an accident in May when his van swerved off the road and landed in a creek. A passenger was reported to have suffered minor injuries during the accident.

Allen has been arrested for three DUIs and has been involved in two other aggravated DUIs for a total of six in a relatively brief period of time. This particular case of persistent violation of the law has been dealt with but many victims of other drivers like Jeffrey Allen may still be suffering because of a lack of restraint and disregard for safety.

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