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Posted on January 17, 2019 by

 Important Information To Know About Car And Truck Accident Litigation

When you have been in a car or truck accident in Missouri, it can be difficult to think straight. Even so, you need to know some basic information so that you will know what to do, and what to expect. Let’s take a moment and discuss a few key facts.

Fact One: You Only Have So Long to Report an Accident

This is called the statute of limitations. In Missouri, most cases have to be reported within five years. If an accident resulted in wrongful death, it must be reported within three years. After these time periods have passed, you will no longer be able to bring a lawsuit.

Fact Two: You May be Held Partially Responsible

Even if you were the victim in the accident, if it is determined that you share in the blame for it, a portion of your compensation will be deducted. This is called comparative negligence.

Fact Three: Most Accidents Need to be Reported

Namely, this refers to accidents that cause more than $500 in damages, when someone is injured or killed, and when the other driver is uninsured.

A St. Louis car accident attorney can help you navigate your situation the right way. You’re not in this alone, and we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Please contact your St. Louis car accident attorney right away to get the legal advice you need for your case.