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Posted on May 29, 2014 by

Inexperienced Motorcyclists Add to the Number of Accidents Each Year

Now that May is here, it’s no surprise to see so many motorcyclists taking their long-neglected Harleys out for a spin. For many of them, they’ve truly missed the thrill of the open road on their bikes. However, for some of them, this is the first year they’ve ever had a taste of that kind of freedom.

According to an article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Website, a great number of motorcycle crashes occur because of new motorcyclists. Some of them still only have their learning permits, according to Missouri State Trooper, Juston Wheetley. Their lack of experience frequently results in making poor decisions. Those poor decisions often result in crashes.

During your morning or afternoon commutes, you’ll probably see quite a few motorcycles. However, it’s important to exercise an extra amount of caution while you’re sharing the road with them. Allow them enough space to travel, as motorcyclists frequently change lanes. Also, avoid texting or using your cell phone while you’re driving to ensure that all of your attention is on the road.

Already, many people have died in motorcycle accidents in St. Louis this year. As your St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney, we feel that it’s important to remind you to stay safe on the road, no matter what you’re driving. By doing so, maybe we can work together to limit the number of crashes.