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Posted on December 1, 2015 by

Injured in a Accident – Crucial First Steps

If you are injured in an accident, your actions the first few days following the event are crucial. It will be a hectic and stressful time for you, but your St. Louis personal injury attorneys need evidence to build a strong case. The following tips will help you gather the necessary information.

At the scene

The location of any accident should be photographed. Look for and be sure to document any factors that may have contributed to the accident. This includes uneven sidewalks, broken steps, cracked floors, a faulty traffic light, or something that obscures the vision of drivers at an intersection.

Photographs and other evidence

Digital cameras make it possible to take lots of photos without having to worry about cost. Take plenty of photos from every angle to preserve all information about the scene of the accident. Be sure to keep the clothes you were wearing and take pictures of any injuries.


Other people can reinforce your case with impartial accounts of what occurred. Try to locate witnesses as quickly as possible to ensure their memory of events does not fade.

An accident affects all aspects of your life. Insurance companies may pressure you to accept a settlement to resolve the matter quickly. Have any offer reviewed by our team of St. Louis personal injury attorneys before you agree to a settlement. You may be entitled to more compensation. Contact us today.