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Posted on May 30, 2013 by

Intoxicated Driver Charged in Truck Death of St. Louis Alderman

The occupants of a car that was heavily damaged in an East St. Louis truck accident last week were lucky to escape without injury when their car ran into a tractor trailer near Ohio Avenue. When cars and trucks collide, the massive forces unleashed often inflict serious injuries and even death. Car occupants typically bear the brunt of personal injuries that result from St. Louis truck accidents.

Criminal charges were recently filed against a drunk driver whose minor car accident resulted in horrific chain reaction collision that killed St. Louis Alderman Greg Carter. The fatal truck accident in St. Charles County caused three tractor trailers to crash into each other to avoid the car accident caused by the intoxicated driver. The driver of the trailing tractor trailer, Alderman Carter was unable to stop when traffic halted, slamming his truck into the truck in front of him and forcing both trucks into the trailer of the leading truck. The Alderman was pronounced dead at the scene.

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