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Posted on January 28, 2020 by

Is It Elder Abuse or Neglect? What to Know

Both elder abuse and neglect are serious problems in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in St. Louis. But these are actually two separate issues. It’s important to know the difference between them; especially if you have a loved one who is currently living in one of these facilities. 

What is Elder Neglect?

Nursing homes have a legal duty to provide appropriate care for their residents. That means taking care of their basic needs (food, water, shelter, etc.) as well as caring for their medical needs. While it might not happen often, not all nursing homes provide their residents with the best care. When they don’t, it is considered to be neglect. 

What is Elder Abuse? 

It should be stated that elder abuse is a form of elder neglect. But many cases of abuse are much more severe. When it gets to the point where the neglect is causing significant harm to the resident, that is definitely a form of abuse. 

Nursing homes are often understaffed, which means that the residents don’t get the care that they should. It’s important for families to know the signs of neglect or abuse so that they can intervene when necessary. 

Do You Need St. Louis Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys?

It’s scary when you realize that someone you love has become a victim of neglect or abuse. Your St. Louis nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help you. Contact us.