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Posted on October 21, 2014 by

Jefferson City Woman Dies in Motorcycle Crash

While the warm weather persists, you can expect to see plenty of motorcycles on the road. This should continue for a few more weeks as higher temperatures are expected for the St. Louis area into October.

That means it’s important to remember to use caution when you’re driving, whether you’re riding your motorcycle or you’re in a car. According to a recent article on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, a Jefferson City woman has died following a motorcycle crash in Arkansas. The driver of the motorcycle survived but is currently in the hospital.

The accident occurred when the driver attempted to navigate a turn and lost control of the motorcycle.

As your St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer, these types of situations are all too common. They’re heartbreaking, which is why we feel it’s necessary to caution our clients. Tragic situations like this one can often be avoided if a few simple precautions are taken.

Fortunately, no one else was injured when this motorcycle crashed, although that’s not always the case. Although the end of riding season is drawing near, we want you to enjoy the beautiful weather during the weeks you have left before the snow flies. However, if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident because of the negligence of someone else, or because of an automobile driver on the road, please contact your St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer right away to discuss your case.