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Posted on November 26, 2019 by

Kansas City Considers Repealing the Motorcycle Helmet Law, What To Know:

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous on its own, but it becomes less dangerous when riders wear helmets. Unfortunately, Kansas City is considering repealing its motorcycle helmet law, which would mean a lot more senseless deaths and life-altering injuries will occur when accidents take place.

In two years' time, there were 57 people in Kansas City who died from motorcycle accidents. In addition, more than 360 people suffered serious injuries. What will this change mean going forward? 

The Motorcycle Helmet Law Amendment

A proposed amendment was made to Missouri's all-rider motorcycle helmet law. Under this amendment, only riders aged 17 and under would be required to wear helmets. Experts believe that this amendment will result in more than 300 additional people suffering from life-altering brain injuries from motorcycle accidents. Not only is this a concern for taxpayers, but on a more personal level, it means that more families will suffer as well. 

The theory has been tested in Kansas, where their helmet laws are similar to Missouri's amendment. As expected, riders there have suffered more loss of life and more injuries. 

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