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Posted on March 28, 2019 by

What to Know About the Law in Missouri Regarding Dog Bite Lawsuits

Getting bitten by a dog can be a very traumatic experience. It happens all the time in St. Louis, as well as elsewhere in the State of Missouri. Fortunately, if you have been the victim of a dog bite, the law is on your side.

You are well within your rights to hold the owner accountable and request compensation for your injuries and any damages you may have suffered as a result. Let's take a closer look at what the law says in Missouri. 

Dog Bite Laws in Missouri

In the State of Missouri, the law states that the owner of the dog is liable for any injuries caused by a bite if the following conditions apply:

– If the victim of the bite was on public property.

– If the victim of the bite was lawfully on private property.

– If the victim of the bite did not provoke the dog into biting them. 

As with other types of personal injury cases, if the injured person carried any percentage of fault for the incident, their compensation can and will be reduced accordingly. The owner must also pay a fine of $1,000. 

St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys and Your Dog Bite Case

Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys are ready and waiting to help you fight for justice for your case. If you've been injured, we'll work hard so you get the compensation that you deserve.