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Posted on June 13, 2019 by

Lawsuits for Dog Bites – Could You Be at Fault for Being Bitten?

Dog bites happen in St. Louis all the time, and if you've been a victim, you have the right to expect to be compensated for your injuries. But what happens when you at least share in some of the blame for the bite? We'd like to help you understand how it works in Missouri. 

Comparative Negligence and Dog Bites

Sometimes when a dog bites it does so for several reasons. It could be that a person entered a gate and ignored the obvious sign that read, "Beware of Dog." Or, it could be because a person reached their hand into a fence to pet a dog, and then they got bitten as a result. 

When the victim shares in the blame, that is called comparative negligence. But that person is still a victim, and still deserves to be compensated. The only difference is that they may not get as much as they would if they were at zero fault. 

How Can St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys Help?

Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys know exactly how insurance companies like to make these cases appear as if the victim is at fault. And sometimes they are not, but it can be difficult to argue that point when you don't have the proper legal representation. 

We understand what the law says about dog bites, and we will fight hard to help you get compensated.