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Posted on September 24, 2015 by

Legionnaires Death Toll Rises in Western Illinois

Two new fatalities have been reported, bringing the death toll to 10 in the recent outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease at Western Illinois’ Quincy Veterans Home. St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys Hoffman & Gelfman want to fill you on the latest in this deadly outbreak.

Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs and CDC are still investigating the as-yet undetermined source. The 129-year-old facility has been posing complex challenges to the investigation, spanning 200 acres with 400 residents housed in eight of its 48 buildings.

So far all victims were residents. The disease has a two-week incubation period, affecting the those with underlying medical conditions and the elderly more frequently, thus more fatalities could arise.

The disease is not rare. Outdoors, legionella bacteria survive in soil and water, rarely causing infections. Indoors, however, legionella multiplies in warm water systems that have not been properly maintained, transmitting infection via the air. Legionnaire’s cannot be spread from person to person. Symptoms include fever, chills, and cough. Though most recover, it results in death in 5-30% of victims.

As a precaution, Quincy Veterans Home residents have been relegated to bottled water and sponge baths. Decorative and drinking fountains, hot water tanks, water and A/C systems, and other sources of aerosolized water are being cleaned and disinfected.

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