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Posted on April 16, 2015 by

Maintenance Worker Dies After Company Ignores Safety Issues

One maintenance worker is dead following a tragic accident that occurred at a Missouri manufacturing facility. The accident happened when the company neglected to put safety measures in place that would prevent a scrap metal table from lowering. As a result, the man was pinned between the table and a railing, ultimately resulting in his death.

The incident was investigated by OSHA, who issued several violations due to the company’s lack of education for its employees regarding preventable injuries and equipment safety. In fact, three of the violations were willful violations, which indicate that the company previously knew about the hazardous nature of the equipment and failed to do anything to prevent injuries from taking place.

Unfortunately, many companies operate under the idea that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Some of them assume that their employees have the skills and training that are needed to prevent injuries, but they don’t equip them with the tools or knowledge that’s needed to keep those skills sharp.

As your St. Louis Workers Compensation attorney, we understand the law when it comes to your rights as an employee and the important requirements OSHA sets in place. If your company is breaking the law and you’re injured, you should be compensated.

Please contact us if you’re injured on the job. Negligence should never be tolerated, and we’ll worked hard to make sure you receive the money you deserve.