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Posted on July 2, 2015 by

Man Dies at the Hands of Twin Brothers

We have no control over the behavior of other people. Sometimes, someone else’s bad behavior causes injury or even death that changes your life forever.

An article on reports about a 43- year old man from Alton, IL who died on Saturday after being beaten in a fight that occurred on May 3. According to his father, he suffered from a heart attack and brain injuries after two 24- year old twin brothers attacked him after the man defended his own son following an argument over his (the son’s) girlfriend. The twins face two counts of aggravated battery and one count of mob action, but the family of the deceased is pushing for them to face murder charges.

Up to 70 people stood outside the Alton Police Department Wednesday trying to convince them to charge the twins with murder. However, Madison County’s State Attorney General says that it will take some time to determine if they can charge the men with murder and more evidence needs to be collected. He said it has to be done carefully and correctly to avoid making mistakes.

The man who died was a grandfather of two and is greatly missed by his father, friends and other family members.

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