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Posted on June 14, 2012 by

Massachusetts Man Suffers Burns Due to Sun Screen

A Massachusetts man suffered second degree burns when the sunscreen he had just put on caught fire. He had applied banana boat sunscreen to his body and then walked over to his outdoor grill that was lit. The sunscreen caught fire at that time and he said he never experienced pain like that in his life.

The bottle does contain a warning about the substance being flammable and that it should not be used near heat, flame or burning. The question is whether the warning should have been more explicit as he had applied the product while away from the grill.

An expert in burns hypothesized that the droplets from the spray may have still been in the air and the flames followed a “vapor Trail” onto his body. The company is investigating if this has happened to anyone else. Certainly this may have an adverse effect on sales for the short term but other stories may crop up after the notoriety of this one.

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