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Posted on January 16, 2018 by

Missouri is a High Risk State for Deer-Auto Collisions

Here in St. Louis, the colder months are traditionally the months when we have to watch out for deer. These animals are cute to look at, but not so much when they’re standing in the middle of the road you’re traveling down. Unfortunately for us, Missouri is considered a state that is at high risk for auto accidents involving deer.

What to do if You Encounter Deer in St. Louis

Your inclination is to try and avoid deer when you’re driving. That means if one darts out in front of you, you may swerve to attempt to avoid hitting it. This is actually not what you should do. You might not want to hit it, but it’s better to do that than to put other drivers on the road at risk. Not to mention that if you end up causing an accident with another driver because you tried to avoid a deer, you could be in for a major lawsuit.

What if You’re the Victim in This Type of Accident?

If another driver swerves to avoid a deer and hits you instead, you have a case against them. In this scenario, you’re the victim, and you have the right to sue. As your St. Louis auto accident attorney, we can assist you and offer you the proper legal advice.

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