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Posted on October 13, 2016 by

Missouri Nursing Home Closed After Inspection

For many families, placing their loved ones in a nursing home is a decision that comes with a lot of heartbreak. They don’t want to do it, but they trust that the facility they’ve chosen will take good care of the people they love. In most cases this is true. However, in some cases, such as one that happened recently in Missouri, the care didn’t meet their expectations.

A recent article on the website depicts a situation that seems as though it was written for a horror movie. Management was so bad that staff members and residents were exposed to unsanitary/unsafe conditions and the staff left wondering how they were going to feed the residents. An inspection revealed black mold in the bathrooms, which is a dangerous health hazard. It also found that many services were left unpaid, such as pest control company bills, food service bills, and phone and Internet bills. At one point, staff members were using their own paychecks to buy food for the residents.

It’s not surprising that this facility was shut down. Further, the owner should have been held responsible for putting these residents’ health and well-being in harm’s way.

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