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Posted on March 7, 2013 by

Missouri Texting Law May Be Working

According to a Columbia Missourian story reprinted in the St Louis Post-Dispatch the Missouri law against texting by young drivers has not yet resulted in many tickets being written. The story does pass on the sentiment that it is a hard law to enforce, maybe because of the fact that those violating the law may be doing so very carefully. Only about 4 people a month statewide have received citations for the practice but the hope is that this lack of citations is due to drivers not wanting to violate the law.

As the above story points out, Missouri is still one of the most lenient states when it comes to distracted driving. Case in point: the anti-texting law only applies to young drivers 21 and under.  So far only one driver has been fined the maximum limit of $200.00 when they hit a utility pole while driving and texting and others have received fines as low as $20.50.

This problem of cell phone use while driving has been the cause of many accidents across the country.  If you believe a driver distracted by texting or other cell phone use has harmed you in an accident you contact our auto accident attorneys as soon as possible.  Visit our website to schedule a meeting with one of our personal injury attorneys to discuss your rights to damages following a St. Louis auto accident.