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Posted on February 10, 2015 by

Missouri Woman Drives Off Second Floor of Parking Garage

A quick look at any number of St. Louis news stories is a clear indicator that bizarre accidents can occur at any time. This was certainly the case for one Missouri woman who drove her car off of the second story of a parking garage in Chesterfield.

According to the story on the website, the woman’s car flipped over and she was trapped inside until emergency personnel were able to come to the scene. The details behind the accident are not clear, so it’s difficult to say if her actions were intentional or not. Investigators were still working on the case at the time this article was posted.

This situation raises many questions that must be asked. Why was it possible for a vehicle to drive off the second story of the parking garage? Why were the barriers not reinforced? What might have happened if there were people standing or walking by on the ground below that location?

These are questions we may never know the answer to, but as your St. Louis personal injury attorney, it’s important to note the danger that was avoided in this scenario. It’s also important to note the actions you should take if you’re ever involved in any type of accident, bizarre or not.

Talking with an attorney is the best way to protect your rights and get compensated if you are in an accident of any kind.