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Posted on September 5, 2019 by

Mother Accuses Prison for Wrongful Death of Son

There are many wrongful deaths in Missouri every year, and they can happen where you least expect them. For instance, one mother filed a lawsuit after her son died in prison because he developed appendicitis. 

Death by Appendicitis

The young man was only twenty-one years old, and he was scheduled to finish his prison sentence just three months after his death. He had made five different pleas for help, but the prison guards and staff ignored them. In one written request, he stated that he couldn't eat or sleep and that his stomach pain was only getting worse. 

His condition continued to worsen, and he started vomiting blood, and experiencing shortness of breath, along with rectal bleeding. He was never seen by the prison doctor, who only ordered him to have ibruprofen over the phone. The prison staff gave him Pepto-Bismol for his stomach pain. His mental state deteriorated quickly, and staff said that he refused medical care. He passed away in his cell. 

St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys and Wrongful Death Cases

This young man's death was tragic, and it could have been avoided with proper medical care. As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, your wrongful death case is important to us. No one should ever have to suffer as this young man did, and we'll work hard to ensure that justice is served. 

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