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Posted on September 10, 2015 by

Nursing Home Cams May Become More Common

In today’s society, there is more demand to work longer, harder hours. Often, places are understaffed and overworked. This can be true of nursing homes. As a result, abuse and neglect of the elderly can increase, making the stay in the nursing home unpleasant and frightening.

Things can change and residents of nursing homes can take back their rights. This can happen by allowing cameras to be installed in their rooms. CBS St. Louis reports that the governor of Illinois signed this into law after lawmakers saw the need. Last year, more than 150 cases of abuse and neglect were reported in Illinois nursing homes. The bill’s main sponsor, Republican Greg Harris, hopes that people knowing they’re being recorded will deter them from the abuse.

The bill states that roommates would have to consent to the recording, as well. If one roommate does not give consent, the nursing home will have to make other arrangements to move the resident who wants camera surveillance. The nursing homes will have to put signs up to alert visitors and staff of the surveillance both at the main entrance of the facility and at the door to the room.

Is this where we are headed here in St. Louis? Time will tell.

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