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Posted on August 8, 2019 by

Is Nursing Home Neglect Considered Elder Abuse?

In short, the answer to this question is yes. Nursing home neglect is considered elder abuse, and rightly so. All over the state of Missouri, families are devastated because of the abuse a loved one suffered at the hands of the staff at nursing homes. 

If you suspect that your elderly family member is being abused, there is so much that you should know. 

What are the Types of Elder Abuse?

There are a few different types of elder abuse that you should be aware of. They are: 

Financial abuse
Have you noticed that your loved one's money seems to be missing? Or, maybe you found that some gifts they were given suddenly got lost. These are both examples of financial abuse. 

On the surface, neglect doesn't always look like abuse, but it is. Nursing home staff should care for all of their patients' needs. When they don't for too long, the patient can become malnourished, suffer from bed sores and even become very sick. 

False imprisonment
In some nursing homes, the staff will keep their residents in certain areas for a period of time. They may not allow them to use the bathroom, or leave for any reason at all. This is false imprisonment, and it is elder abuse. 

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