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Posted on August 18, 2016 by

Overturned Tractor Trailer Causes Traffic Pileup in St. Louis: Injuries Avoided

Tractor trailers can be so unpredictable when they’re on the road. Many trucking companies set quotas and expectations that are much too high for truckers to meet without breaking the law, and as a result, accidents often happen.

It’s difficult to say what caused one tractor trailer to overturn recently in St. Louis, but that’s exactly what happened. The semi truck is shown on video on the Fox2News website, and it appears that a white substance was leaking out over the highway, shutting down several lanes of traffic for quite some time. Fortunately, there were no other cars injured as a result of this accident. However, this is a crash that certainly could have gone much worse.

The video depicts footage of the truck driver being carried into an ambulance on a stretcher, and it is unclear as to whether or not he fell asleep while driving, was texting while he was driving, or had some other issue that led to the crash.

As your St. Louis truck accident attorney, we want to caution you to be extremely careful when you’re traveling along St. Louis roadways; especially when you see tractor trailers. An accident can happen at any time. If you are in an accident with a semi truck, contact your St. Louis truck accident attorney immediately. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and the damages to your vehicle. We’ll help you and aggressively fight for a fair insurance settlement.